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Recent Projects

We operate nationally in over Twelve states, multiple cities, and our outreach continues to grow in lieu of the steady decline of our current economy. As a nonprofit, our resources are acquired from private and public donations, sponsored through local community members, small businesses and corporations who are willing to offer their support. Our overall mission, is to end homelessness for individuals and families who desire a change.  Volunteers are needed. You can help.

Community Outreach

Supporting Families

Your donation serves many purposes.

With a donation of furniture, cars, houses, food, water, clothes, dishes, household items and other essentials for daily survival can increase the livelihood of others in need and your community in general. 


we support individuals living in Tent City

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, shelters closed, leaving hundreds of homeless families, and some with children residing in tents.  Please help us find them a place to go.

Assisting the homeless

The Need for Housing as an Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the National Alliance to End Homeless, “…homelessness researchers were estimating the immediate needs of people experiencing homelessness. They concluded that $11.5 billion is necessary for 400,000 new shelter beds needed to accommodate everyone who is unsheltered and to ensure appropriate social distancing, and the creation of quarantine locations for the sick and exposed” (Fact Sheet: Population At-Risk – Homelessness and the COVID-19 Crisis, 2020 March 25).

Beds needed

Shepherd Mission House have been serving community members in need in several counties, cities, states and nationally for over 20 years. As the homeless population continues to rise especially during this pandemic, funds are needed to support their wellbeing and livelihood. Please help us raise funds to continue helping those in need. 


The health and welfare of many families, have been affected by the COVID-19. We need you to help us continue to provide food, clothes and housing to those who need it most. Those who were secure in their jobs are now in need of work, day to day operations have become a treasure hunt for something as simple as toilet paper…the homeless person who did not have a job, money or home and limited access to resources, are now in a similar position as the individual who had a job and can no longer go back to work, mortgage due with no income coming in and limited access to resources. 


Please click here to donate and refer a friend to maximize our efforts in helping the homeless in our local community and across the globe! 

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