Reaching out To
Those Falling
the Cracks.

Our goals are to restore those who 

are disadvantaged to self-sufficiency.

Welcome to
Shepherd Mission House

Where We Build People

Shepherd Mission House Is  a Community Resource and brand of Flowers Ministries, Inc.  A registered national nonprofit 501c3.

Our transitional housing program is the next phase in assisting families to move into permanent homes.  

Many of our homeless families find work, but are still living in motels, shelters or cars.  This program offers public assistance with food, shelter, clothing and transitional housing. 

 It is designed to assist the homeless and disadvantaged so they get the resources they need, a place of stability and counseling to help restore them to permanent self-sufficiency.



Transitional Housing can be simplified in one word “Transition” For individuals and or families experiencing homelessness, are provided the opportunity to “Transition” from temporary into permanent and affordable housingTransitional housing is not only composed of housing supportive services, but a step-by-step process of changing one’s mind to “Transition” from a place of mental instability to stability. Proper budgeting, management of funds, accountability, and integrity are all essential tools to maintain affordable housing and an effective livelihood. 

With the guidance of our certified Shepherd Mission House staff, we can help you “Transition” from where you are now towards where you want to go.   


In preparation of getting you where you want to go, we have certified and licensed specialists who can help you access your own home. Please click here to be directed to our page to speak with a representative.

Adults who lost their jobs are in jeopardy of losing their homes...Some children are starving from lack of food once schools closed...during the COVID-19 pandemic, many hotels have closed to support social distancing and making it even harder to find shelter for families who had a temporary place to stay

You can help.

Please donate here. Your donation can change lives and all donations are tax deductible.

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